20 March 2023

Professors Y. Matsinos, A. Tsaligopoulos και D.F. Lekkas from research area " Hotel Footprint" are guest editors in the Topic "Environmental Science and Technologies for the Management of Natural Ecosystems and the Sustainable Development of Urban Areas II" (MDPI)

Urban areas stand as the forefront of a global multifaced change due to pollution, unsustainable development and unplanned growth. The rapid urbanization and the increased urban population have resulted in an unsustainable consumption of resources, the release of large waste streams similar to construction and demolition waste (CDW), as well as several environmental pressures similar to air and noise pollution and biodiversity loss.

This Special Issue aims to promote interdisciplinary work in environmental sciences and focus on the management of natural and urban systems in order to support the transition towards the sustainable development of urban areas. Relevant topics to this Special Issue include, but are not limited to, the following subjects:

  • Environmental footprinting;
  • Life Cycle Assessments (LCA);
  • Noise and soundscape assessments in the urban
  • Air pollution in the urban environment;
  • New technologies that enable the recovery or recycling of waste for use as a resource, in order to replace the use of raw materials;
  • Applications that enable the reuse of construction and demolition waste.