The Acoustic Ecology Laboratory offers the educational and research requirements regarding the scientific fields of acoustic ecology, soundscape ecology and ecoacoustics. The interdisciplinary research approach towards the acoustic environment enhances the science of ecology with acoustics. The research interests of the laboratory are guided by a wide range of issues, with the primary focus on the use of acoustic signals as an indicator of environmental well-being.

Laboratory Objectives

The mission of the Acoustic Ecology is Laboratory:

Promotion of research

The aims of the acoustic ecology laboratory are to promote research on the ecological and social aspects of the acoustic environment.

Encourage interdisciplinary collaboration

The definite need to connect the key areas that form the core of this new field, namely acoustics and ecology, is in itself a rather interesting undertaking given the diversity.

Encouraging dialogue in academia

By using modern noise management systems, by presenting innovative studies as well as by encouraging dialogue in the academic community, the prospects of improving the sound quality of the environment are highlighted.

Raising public awareness

The information and the promotion of the issues of environmental noise, the management but also the utilization of it as a resource and not only as a waste, with the aim of sensitizing the public.

Yiannis G. Matsinos
Aggelos Tsaligopoulos