This section includes the following research areas:

·     Study of the yield, the production rate as well as the seasonal fluctuation of biomass from natural ecosystems and human activities which can be harnessed in the framework of circular bioeconomy

·       The use of thermal water springs for biomass growth that can be used for energy or feed production

·     Study of the addition of conductive materials in anaerobic reactors to enhance methane production during agro-industrial waste treatment

·   Treatment of biomass produced in the North Aegean islands using gasification and pyrolysis technologies for energy production and other by-products development (bio-char and bio-oils).

·    Production of volatile fatty acids (VFAs) through anaerobic fermentation of agro-industrial waste. VFAs (acetic, propionic, butyric, iso-butyric, valeric and iso-valeric acid) are widely used within the food industry, textiles, pharma, etc. and are currently produced chemically from petroleum by-products. VFAs are the primary intermediate by-products of biomass anaerobic digestion process.

·     Production of bio-based products such as bioplastics, soil conditioners, protein rich aquacultures, etc.


·   Study of the public perception regarding the acceptance and uptake of innovative bioprocesses and/or bio-based products, focusing on the private sector - producers as well as consumers - end-users.