This section includes the following research fields:

-Use of vegetation zones for the processing of agricultural runoff and pilot-scale experiments at Lesvos olive groves. Emphasis will be given to olive groves' surface runoff taking into account catchment characteristics (slope, soil, agricultural practices) for the protection of surface waters from nitrates and pesticides.

- Use of green roofs and vegetated trenches for rainwater harvesting and treatment from roofs and road networks. The proposed sustainable approach for rainwater management promotes measures for rainwater retention, treatment and reuse. The most important challenge for the uptake of these technologies in the Mediterranean is to identify appropriate substrates and drought-resistant plants.

 - Use of constructed wetlands for agro-industrial waste treatment and pilot-scale experiments for dairy waste treatment. Natural rock formations from the Island of Lesvos will be used as substrate materials.

- Study of nickel phytomining from serpentine soils of Lesvos. Due to their low productivity, these soils have low economic yields if used for crop production Under these circumstances, agromining could be a sustainable alternative with better financial returns to local communities.