31 March 2022

Aegean BIOECONOMY Open Day event

“German path towards defossilisation through bioeconomical approaches with special regard to bioenergy”

The Department of Environment of the University of the Aegean invites you to the open day event “German path towards defossilisation through bioeconomical approaches with special regard to bioenergy” organized on Thursday, 31 March 2022 at 10:00 am in Mytilene. The event will take place at the University of the Aegean, Department of Environment (Room A).
The event is organized in the frame of the project “Center of Circular and Sustainable Bioeconomy - Aegean BIOECONOMY” which aims to support the transition of the North and South Aegean regions from the linear economic model to the model of a circular bioeconomy.

Attendance is free and you can register through the following link:


Prof. Frank Baur, Scientific CEO at IZES gGmbH
Short bio: Prof. Frank Baur studied civil engineering at the University of Stuttgart with research focus on urban water management and waste management. Since 2020, he is the scientific CEO at IZES gGmbH. Before that, Prof. Baur established the department material flow management and was member of the scientific leadership at IZES gGmbH. Since 1994, he holds his professorship at the University of Applied Sciences of Saarland / HTW giving lectures on recycling and waste management, circular economy and material flow management. In the previous working experiences in the private sector as a technical director and manager of a science-based Engineering Consulting Office, he focused on sustainable waste management and biological treatment. Numerous international, national and regional applied research projects are conducted by Prof. Baur issuing sustainable bioenergy, material flow management, energy systems, waste management and circular economy.

Bernhard Wern, Head of Department of material flow management at IZES gGmbH
Short bio: Bernhard Wern received his diploma in science of forestry in 2001 from the Technical University of Dresden. His studying focuses have been forest economics and rural development. Working for IZES gGmbH as the head of department material flow management, he developed a main research interest in both, bioeconomy and regional heat supply. Methods are structuring of biomass flow schemes, conception and realisation of renewable energy systems, energy efficiency master plans and digital heat maps but also contributions to the discussion about biomass cascading usage or organic fertilizers. Regarding bioenergy, he understands always the competition between food, feed and fibre as a base for the analysing of potentials. Wern has taken over the lead within several projects on regional, national, EU- and worldwide level. Before working for IZES gGmbH, Wern worked for Ifas (2002-2006) and afterwards for an engineering office in Luxemburg (L.e.e. s.à.r.l., 2007-2009).